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Lithium Batteries for E Bikes and other Electric Vehicles

Lithium Batteries

There are many advantages to using lithium batteries in you E Bike or Electric Vehicle Applications (such as Electric Cars). Lithium batteries are light, very energy dense and can give a high power output, provided they are properly specified.

Their popularity however has lead to a very large number of batteries being offered from e-commerce sources that do not adequately describe, the make up up of the battery pack. Many battery packs will not even describe the brand of cell used within the pack yet will still be £400 to purchase, it is not thought that buying an unbranded and often unguaranteed, battery pack represents good value.

Our Promise

Lithium Batteries EU, is s UK based company, who provide UK assembled custom lithium battery packs, at competitive rates. We want to provide you with a specification of the battery pack you are enquiring about, with details included as:


The below prices are approximate and you will need to obtain a quote from us, prior to confirming your order and making payment. We do this very quickly and provide you answer by email etc. then we can normally have the battery to you within 10 working days. We would not recommend anything smaller than a 16ah battery, bigger batteries last a lot longer in terms of lifespan as well as in daily use.

E Bike & E Trikes and Scooters Battery Prices

Choosing the size of battery you need will depend on a number of factors. We recommend that you spend some time look at this great e bike range calculator, alternatively just pick the best battery you can afford. A 20ah battery at 36 volts will do a 20 mile round trip in hilly terrain with little or no pedaling. Although you can buy a higher amp hour battery for an existing e bike, you can not generally change the voltage, copy the existing voltage.

                  The for any given voltage of battery the more you spend the more useful the battery will be. Say you need to get 5 miles each way to work, on flat terrain then in the first instance the cheapest battery  here would likely do that.

However, in 5 or 10 years time the battery will start to loose capacity (all batteries do this) and so if you loose 30% capacity you now have battery that is perhaps too small to get where you want to go.

Also consider that the more energy you "suck out" of the battery every time you use it, the more quickly it degrades. This is called depth of discharge. At 50% depth of discharge a battery may last 1000 charges at 80% depth of discharge it may last 400.

So a small battery is lest versatile and will not last as long (years). Choose a larger battery for added future proof(ness).

24 Volts

Ah 16   20   26   30
  Wh 384   480   624   720
  Estimate (£) 360 425 550 650

36 Volts

Ah 16   20   26   30
  Wh 576   720   936   1080
  Estimate (£) 540 640 675 975

48 Volts

Ah 16   20   26   30
  Wh 768   960   1248   1440
  Estimate (£) 720 850 1100 1300

Electric Car Battery Prices

Batteries for electric cars are typically much larger than those used for E Bikes. In fact the sizes shown below are at the smaller end of scale. Higher voltage controllers can be very expensive, although we have provided an indicative price below we would require some details to provide quote. 

48 Volts

Ah     135
  Wh     6480
  Estimate (£)     5000
  Notes     Such as for GWizz

72 Volts

Ah     90
  Wh     6480
  Estimate (£)   6000
  Notes     Such as for Twizy*

*You may look at the above and think; "A Twizy only costs £7000 new". But remember the battery in a Twizy is leased. . .not bought. You pay a monthly charge to Renault whilst using their precious lithium.

Exotic Batteries

There are new battery technologies and chemistries becoming available all the time.  Lithium Titanium Dioxide for example, or a battery system that connects via Bluetooth to give you status updates as you ride or drive. These are options we would be happy to discuss.

Contact Us

If you would like to place an order then please send us an email at Or fill out the below order form (you do not have to fill in all the boxes):



Battery Use:


Amp Hours Required:

Watt Hours Required:

Brand of Cell Preferred:

Motor Wattage:



Knowledge Area

This area of the site is designed to inform those looking to buy a battery, of the best options available.

Battery Chemistries

There are a number of different battery chemistries available and they are changing all of the time. You probably have a Lithium Polymer battery (which contains more energy weight for weight than a hand grenade) in your pocket right now, as they are used in smart phones. The big heavy battery in you car is a lead acid battery.

Brand of Cell

Brands such as Sony and Panasonic are well known house hold names and we often have customers request these sells in their packs. Other cells which are also excellent quality are Samsung, Sanyo, Headway (LifePo4) and Boston Power, these lesser known brands can offer similar or in some cases superior performance to the main brands, at a lower cost.

Model of Cell

18650 Cells are the AA of the lithium world, they are a very common cell that we use on our packs. Other cells such as Boston Power cells, use a different shape, but provide similar performance characteristics, when configured in like for like battery packs.

Brand of BMS

The BMS (Battery Management System) controls the charging and discharging or the battery pack, often with 10's of wires connected to, and monitoring the status of the cells to prevent over charging and over discharging, In short the quality of the BMS will dictate how long the cells within your battery pack lasts. You can choose you BMS from a list we will provide, or we can recommend our most reliable options.

Max Output of BMS

Dependent on the Voltage and Wattage of you application, you will require a particular BMS (Battery Management System). A typical BMS for commuter use, and some heavy haul application would be a 30A constant current BMS. A 30A constant current BMS, will cover for spikes in energy demand up to 50A for very short periods, but it is not recommended to draw over 30A in total.

The higher the voltage your system is, the more watts you can deliver to the motor, at a given amperage. If you run a 24V system at 30A you will be able to get 750W or there about, but at 48V (still with 30A current) you will be delivering 1500W to the motor. As you can see a 30A BMS will run, so fairly powerful motors. Bit some motors (obviously for off-road use only) may require more power such as the Crystalyte "Crown" Motor. Which is a beast.

C Rate of Cells

The C rate of the cell is how much current it can safely provide without damage to the cell. A 3.2ah lithium cell, with a C rate of 3 will provide 9.6 amps of current. This may seem low, but consider for even a low capacity lithium battery pack, the cells will be connected in parallel (perhaps 5 in parallel to provide 15ah) so this will result in a maximum current of 45 amps, which is much better. 

 Discharge Curve

We are so intent on providing a personal service, that you will receive a individual discharge curve for your battery pack. This is generated when we test each battery pack prior to dispatch.

Type of Charger Included

We normally include a 2 amp charger with each battery pack as a matter of course, this will charge even the largest E Bike Batteries over night, and it is better to charge a battery pack as slowly as possible. We can provide high current chargers if requested.